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Saturday, June 17th, 2006
1:50 am
Sooper Sekrit!

Originally uploaded by OrchidArts.

My Sekrit pal is awsome! I got some of the coolest stuff evar.

*Knit1 magazine (which is just a super long ad for Lion Brand). With a few modifications, I may actually use some of these patterns. Shock & awe!
* some free patterns, of which only 2 are actually for knitting
* homemade stitch markers, out of puffy balls and tinsel. These are so neato! I would have never thought to make these myself...
*ACKrylic yarn in 2 colors, and a partially crochetted project. I wonder if I can block acrylic?
* size 11 wooden circular needles from JoAnn's, which have already broken. Oops!

Thanks, buddy! I hope you are getting equally neat packages too!
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